Today’s Feel Goodish Friday is all about ME.

Three things happening in my world today which make me feel goodish:

1. The tumble dryer is broken. This means my life is broken. However, washing that needs to be hung outside to dry is perhaps the only domestic chore where it is perfectly acceptable to smoke throughout. Plus the washing all has a super-fresh faggy whiff. Win.

2. Tomorrow is the school fair where I am required to dick about in a wig, telling rude jokes into a microphone. As is tradition, I shall go out with other fair-organising parents tonight and get drunk enough to ensure that tomorrow we almost vom on the cake stall and definitely fall asleep behind the bouncy castle.

3. Today is the anniversary of my mum’s death and I only remembered at lunchtime. This means something. And I think it’s something goodish.

May your weekend be filled with as much smoking, drinking and forgetting as you require.

See you Monday 💋