Welcome to Feel Goodish Friday, our regular round-up of news which is not totally shitty.

Three things happening in the world today that we can feel goodish about…

  1. It’s National Kissing Day! Today I have kissed a 2yr old, a 7yr old and a hamster. FML.
  2. Boris Johnson is not Prime Minister. Yet.
  3. We are not at the noro-virus HQ that is Glastonbury. Unless you are. In which case, for you it’s National Kissing Day all weekend and we do NOT want to hear about it or see pics of it. Thank you.

The award for Outstanding Public Feel Goodishness this week goes to: David Dimbleby who ejected a gobby arsehole from the Question Time audience last night and is now clearly the only grown-up with any hope of restoring order to this messed-up isle. Dimbs for PM. (Plus, I totally would…)

The Award for Outstanding Personal Feel Goodishness this week goes to: Me, because the theme at work this week has been transport and I have had to wear a ‘train driver’s’ hat which makes all the mummies and daddies worry that they’ve walked into a very different sort of club session…still, it’s nice to make the daddies happy.

May your evening be filled with as many kisses as you desire and not all of them with a caged rodent…

See you Monday 💋