It’s half-term.

Today me and the boy took a tram into the city and found ourselves here:


This is St Anne’s square where you can buy shoes and coffee, where buskers sing and pigeons spend all day on the rob.

Today it was almost silent apart from the bell in St Anne’s church repeatedly chiming, the rustle of cellophane in the breeze, the whispers and sniffs of the respect-payers.

It was, in the truest sense of the word, incredible, both for the size of the flower-sea and the reason for it being there. We stood for a bit. He took that picture to show his sister. Then we went home.

Just now he said he NEEDED to go out on his go-kart. He bought it with his own saved-up money and I totally agreed the purchase on the basis that it would be a good way to get him out and moving, completely failing to spot that it would require me to also get out and moving.

Also, that it would have to live in the back garden as it’s so bloody massive which means every time he wants to go out on the sodding thing we have to Chuckle-Brother our way through the house with it, me barking orders: JUST STOP THERE STOP MOVING and him yelling: IT’S STUCK YOU MADE IT GET STUCK AGAIN and me whispering CUNTING GO-KART and him shouting: MUMMY YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

We went to the corner shop. We sat on the wall outside the shop, like all the teenagers do, while he ate an ice cream. We swung our feet against the wall and had this conversation:

Him: I’m going to build a go-kart track on Minecraft when I get home.

Me: Good plan. I’ll have a snooze.

Him: Can I have chips for tea?

Me: I didn’t know any other food items were available…

Him: How did your Mummy die?


He’s like Jeremy Paxman, softening you up with easy questions before slipping in a killer.

I knew he’d ask one day. And I suppose this day makes sense after seeing the flowers.

Me: Well it’s a bit complicated, but she was very poorly in her mind and-

Him: Ah. Like Bobby?

(Bobby is our mental cat).

Me: Yes. Alot like Bobby.

Him: Was she always being sick like Bobby?

Me: Well! Erm-

(The true answer is yes, but…)

Him: Can I have chips from McDonalds for dinner?

Me: No.

We then we had a three minute debate about the nutritional value of various chip brands.

And then we went home, happy enough in our settling of life’s big issues…