Welcome to Feel-Goodish Friday.

Things in the world today which we can feel goodish about:

In the UK, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Or Mothering Sunday if you’re a smidge religious. It began as a Christian festival, a day when you would visit your mother church (the one where you were Christened). It was kind of a big deal; even the child servants would be given a day off where they’d pick wild flowers and take them to church. Of course we’re not allowed to pick wild flowers anymore, or to keep child servants. I bet we can blame the EU for that. Aaaah let us pray that imminent Brexit delivers us a free bunch of daffs and a child slave this Sunday!

If you aren’t a mother yourself, you’re meant to make a fuss of your own mother, whether she deserves it or not. If you haven’t got a mother, you can use your mother-in-law but ONLY if she deserves it, which she almost certainly doesn’t. If you haven’t got a mother-in-law either, all I can say is WELL DONE YOU.

Today is Red Nose Day. Which means I have been looking like this at work:


If you tune into BBC1 at 7pm tonight you will be forced to witness the incredibly mighty charitable deeds we humans are capable of. Also the re-make of Love Actually. Also Lenny Henry who isn’t Ainsley Harriot (as reported by ITV on the occasion Henry’s knighthood)…ah, you can’t beat a bit of good ol’ fashioned casual racism…

The award for Outstanding Public Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: everyone who helped on Westminster Bridge. You are the best of us. 

The award for Outstanding Private Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: Gwyneth, who sixteen years after our wedding day, finally and secretly dug out, transferred and then surprised me with our wedding video. It is three hours of HEAVEN. We were so young. We were so happy. And we still are. (Happy, I mean. We’re wrinkly now, obvs). Get thy arse to a couples counsellor, I tell thee! Good things will suddenly begin to happen….❤


See you Monday xxx