There is no point in lighting candles today.

No point in changing my facebook profile picture to show the Union Jack flag.

No point in saying that my thoughts are with the victims and their families.

No point in remarking on the all the extraordinary acts of courage and community we saw yesterday.

And no point, ESPECIALLY no point in watching endless repeats of the images of carnage and despair, or reading the minute-by-minute accounts; the ‘timeline of terror.’

I understand the need for all of the above. But I need to do more than just FEEL. I need do more than just REACT and listen as endless public and private figures just REACT.

What I need, and what it seems increasingly hard to find, is a thorough EXPLANATION.

What do Islamic State really want?

And why are they using these methods to get it?

Because it must be more than just mentalish thuggery and whatever it is I want to understand it, all of it, and I want my elected leaders to understand it, otherwise it can surely never be defeated. Why isn’t anybody talking about what I.S are really about? Why is all the talk just about precisely how violent yesterday was and precisely how much more security we need and precisely why this guy was not on a watch-list?

Everybody says terrorism wins when we are terrified. I know it’s lovely when we say they will never win, but saying it doesn’t make me believe it because maybe they are winning. Are they winning? How can we judge if they’re winning if all we are is horrified and bemused?

Now then, I know you, my readers, are of superior intelligence. Perhaps you are already in possession of the wider picture about Islamic State. But if, like me and literally EVERYONE I’ve asked today, you are unclear about the express goals of Islamic State, you may want to click here for what I found to be a deep, balanced and rather powerful assessment of their motives.

The article took me an hour to read, but that’s coz it’s got quite a few words in it that I didn’t understand. It will probs take you lot 10 mins.

After reading you will understand the following:

  • The incredibly important difference between Islamic State and other terrorist organisations
  • What I.S want and why
  • What these ‘lone-wolf’ attacks are about
  • What on earth could be done

Islamic State have a clear, deeply religious doctrine. I remain scared. But understanding what they want and why is something I think we all need to do now, especially our politicians. If you know of any other articles or would simply like to smash my face in for being such an ignorant arsehole, do leave a comment.

Now I shall attend to the small matter of it being Gwyneth’s birthday. The lighting of THOSE kind of candles is to be rejoiced in.