Welcome to Feel-Goodish Friday.

Three things in the world which we can feel goodish about today:

  1. Nicole Kidman is not descended from seals. It transpires that her bizarre hand-clapping at the Oscars was jewellery-related. She was sporting a v expensive rock on her finger (ie more expensive than Accessorize which is hard to comprehend, I know) and didn’t want to damage it. We’ve all been there, Nicole…
  2. Your three most used words reveal all you need to know about yourself. Ben Blatt, author of ‘Nabokov’s Favourite Word Is Mauve’ has been analysing the favoured words of great writers. Dickens: hearted, pinch, rejoice. Austen: civility, fancying, imprudence. Updike: rimmed, prick and fucked. I see what Blatt means. Mine are surely: shizzle, YAK and wine…the holy trinity of life. What are yours?
  3. Never work with kids in the house. As evidenced by this clip of a BBC News skype interview invaded by mini experts  ‘Tis all the joys. Watch immediately for guffaws

The award for Outstanding Public Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: Jimmy Carr, for brilliantly clarifying the difference between depression and sadness. On Desert Island Discs this morning, he talked about how depression is a clinical condition often not pertaining to any current life event, e.g. everything is super but I can’t stop crying. Whereas sadness is a feeling which almost always pertains to a current life event, e.g. my job/relationship/dog is dead so I can’t stop crying. Therapy can help with both types of tears, but sadness doesn’t mean you are ill and need pills. (Though if you push it away you might end up with both). Hurrah for Carr.

The award for Outstanding Private Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: our childminder, who should be renamed mother-minder. Yesterday when this mother was a smidge YAK mental-wise, she arrived with emergency Nespresso coffee pods, the instruction to go upstairs and work please, and the assurance that even though I’ve said I must reduce her hours, she knows I still need her so why don’t I just shut-up and we’ll carry on as normal… She is the Maria to my Von Trapp (minus the love affair and icky Nazi backdrop, obvs).

Happy Weekend Guys xxxx