Welcome to Feel-Goodish Friday!

This post comes to you later than scheduled due to youngest being hellish with asthma. It has been 48hrs of no sleep, extreme wheezing and lots of crying. And he’s been feeling kinda shite too!!!

Yep, you read that joke right folks; normal standards of comedy will resume shortly…

I can write now because in the last hour he has turned the proverbial corner and is sufficiently recovered to resume his normal duties:


So, tooled-up with Rioja, may we now commence the business for which we gather here of a Friday; to acknowledge feel-goodishness that is happening all around us.

Unfortunately I have neither the physical nor emotional capacity to identify much feel-goodishness this week and you’re probs already Friday-night-spangled, so let us move straight to the awards.

The award for Outstanding Public Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: Bob the goldfish, who lives to swim in a pointless circle for another day. Bob, aged 20, is recovering from lifesaving survey after having a tumour removed from his fin. His owners paid £300 for the op which was conducted using a miniature scalpel and teeny scissors. They say he’s worth every penny because he’s one of the family and older than their kids. This is patently ridiculous but also wondrous: there are people who deeply love goldfish; there are vets who know how to remove tumours from goldfish; there are special teeny scalpels and scissors. Knowing this makes me feel that ultimately everything is going to be completely fine, folks.

The award for Outstanding Private Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: my GP. I rang the surgery. They rang me back within 20 minutes. The GP arranged for a prescription of vital asthma meds to be delivered to our nearest chemist. 30 minutes later youngest was breathing properly and asking for donuts. No hospital. No lolling about on the floor of A&E for 13 hours whilst being filmed by a BBC news crew. That doc saw off the emergency quicker than you can say, ‘Jeremy Hunt is a Massive… Careerist Bastard…’ Caring and common sense is happening EVERYWHERE people…

Who knew?

See you Monday…