We are not feeling good are we?

Our Prime Minister has just rocked up at the White House in a scarlet two-piece. Did her people think that would signal the special relationship by its echoing of POTUS’s red tie?


In this house we are not feeling even remotely goodish. This is because youngest was up all night poorly. We watched alot of Nigella on youtube. He loves her. It’s the boobs. He’s 6 yrs old.


But we shall, as we do on a Friday, strive to identify some things which make us feel goodish in the world today…

  1. Graham Norton winning the Special Recognition award at the UK NTA’s. That man is citalopram without the side-effects. His is the career I imagine I could have had if I: a) was a talented comedian; b) hadn’t had kids; c) wasn’t insane between the ages of 20-40
  2. The exhumation and transportation of Judy Garland’s remains from New York to Hollywood. This rather macarbre news is pleasing as she will now RIP in the company of other legends who were in no way screwed by the film industry in the ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetary’. (FYI that’s where I wanna finally rest)
  3. The existence of this over-dub of the inauguration; the guffawing material you need right now. Watch it here

The award for Outstanding Public Feel-Goodishness this week goes to: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who has voted against almost all of Trump’s cabinet nominees so far. Gill for 2020!

The award for Outstanding Private Feel-Goodishness this week goes to my eldest AGAIN coz LIVERPOOL OFFERED HER A PLACE! I now have eight months to teach her how to cook, budget and punch lecherous fellas in the ballsies. Shit. I am only an expert in the last of these.


Wine. Wine. Wine. Sleep.

See you Monday guys. X