News just in: Jeremy Hunt wants to ban sexting among the under 18’s.

Good luck with that, Mr Health Secretary!

Horny teens are certain to immediately cease to be horny with each other if you tell them it’s bad for their mental health.

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt PC MP (to give him his full title) is the son of Admiral Sir Nicholas and Lady Hunt and went to Charterhouse School where he was head boy and then Oxford Uni where he was President of the Conservative Association and is now the MP for that well-known area of mass unemployment and deprivation, South West Surrey.

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt really, really understands and cares about the mental health of our young people.

We know this because over the last five years he has overseen £50m in cuts to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

On top of those cuts, many local authorities have had to make further savings by freezing the funding for CAMHS altogether.

Not content with this financial caning, his wonderfully supportive rhetoric towards junior doctors in general is having a fabulous impact on the low number of people wanting to join that fine profession, particularly in the field of psychiatry.

And now, after all that doctor-bashing, he’s part of the government who has led us into Brexit, which is definitely not going to cause any difficulties in employing mental health specialists from the EU…

But fear not people! We’ve been wrong all along!

It turns out adolescent mental illness is NOT caused by an appalling lack of childhood mental health services, or the pressures placed on kids by a narrow-minded, cash-strapped education system, or the effects of being raised by adults with poor mental/physical health themselves, or being raised in poverty, or with violence, or in care, or being addicted to drugs/alcohol, or being victims of sexual abuse, or having special needs or just by the simple fact of growing up in a society that covets wealth and prosperity whilst not providing enough sustainable employment or housing and then degrades and blames those who find themselves unable to cope.

Irrelevant nonsense!

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt knows that the SINGLE cause for our young people harming themselves, feeling worthless, losing control of their bodies and minds and comitting suicide is because THEY KEEP SENDING PICS TO EACH OTHER OF THEIR RUDEY BITS.

And he knows EXACTLY who to blame for that…

Speaking to the Commons Health Committee on suicide prevention, Mr Hunt says social media companies need to “step up to the plate and show how they can be the solution to the issue of mental ill health amongst teenagers and not the cause of the problem.”

Way to pass the mental-health buck, Mr Health Secretary!

We totally agree that facebook, snapchat and instagram are solely responsible for all our dead teenagers.

Now then, of course we know that sexting can be a big problem. And cyber-bullying is certainly a major issue in the lives of our young people today.

When I was being bullied at school, I could at least go home at the end of the day and leave it all behind me, to a degree.

When I was flirting with boys, they didn’t get to see my rudey bits unless I showed them in real life, after which they were left with only the glorious memory of this unforgettable encounter. And when we split up, they could say what they liked about me but they couldn’t shame me by sending a pic of my vag to my parents.

But sexting and cyber-bullying are exacerbaters. They are powerful and potentially devastating, but they are symptoms of a much larger problem which takes in all the factors listed above that Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt seems so keen to ignore.

I don’t believe that social media, in itself, causes mental health problems. Nor does looking at pictures of each other’s naked bodies.

Good news for many politicians!

When I was a kid I developed a bit of a problem with wanting to re-watch the scene in Carry on Camping where Barbara Windsor’s bra pinged off.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to discover THAT’S the reason I ended up mental!