It’s so hard to know if it’s ok to hate racism these days, right guys?!

It used to be totally ok to openly say that racism was bad. We even made some laws about it.

Ah, the age of innocence!

Of course we all now realise that the only white people who are still upset about racism are the ‘snowflakes’ and they get all uptight about anything anyone says that might be mean or slightly law-breaky.

To be a snowflake is bad. Snowflakes are flimsy and delicate and melt as soon as they come up against heat. 

Current heat sources include: racism, sexism, homophobia and any views previously labelled as Nazism. If you object to any of this you are simply a leftie, middle-class, university-educated elitist with no grasp of the realities facing hard-working, right-wing, racist twazzocks.

I didn’t know about racism until I snogged the only black boy in the village and quite a few people got upset about it. I didn’t know about racism because a) there was only one black family in the village and b) my parents weren’t racist thugs.

Because they didn’t raise me to call anyone a fucking black cunt, I tended not to call anyone (not even my black boyfriend) a fucking black cunt.

The idea of a child calling anyone a fucking black cunt is still upsetting to me.

I know! I’m such a flake!

I’m so sensitive to racism that I found the viral video of the 5/6 yr old Millwall fan upsetting to the point of making my body tremble and my eyes leak.

This little white boy, dressed up as a policeman, repeats the football chant: ‘Millwall, Millwall, Fuck ’em all, Fuck ’em all’, interspersed with the occasional ‘wanker’; his finger points at his imaginary targets; his delivery is passionate and hateful; his audience include his younger siblings and he concludes with his face right up in the lens as he cries: ‘you fucking black cunts!’

To hear such hatred from the mouth of one so young is, and always should be, nothing less than sickening.

But what’s more sickening than the language or the racist abuse, is the role of the little boy’s side-kick who sits beside him, carefully teaching him the correct rhyme and who is not a stoopid teenager or an ignorant big brother, but his GRANDMOTHER.

And filming this adorable family moment, audibly chuckling behind the camera is, presumably, his MOTHER.

Public philospher Rants N Bants tells us the only people who are shocked by this video are white people. (Click here to watch him and see the viral vid). This evidence of indoctrinated racism is not news to him.

Nor should it be to me really. Members of my own family are quite openly raising their kids to believe they are superior; that immigration is poisoning our fair isle; that Muslims should be feared and deported.

Comedian Denis Leary said: ‘Racism isn’t born folks, it’s taught. I have a two year old son. You know what he hates? Naps. End of list.’

At six years old my boy hates:

  1. Anything green on his plate which will result in an elaborate performance of retching
  2. Anything that isn’t pasta or pancakes on his plate
  3. His sister
  4. Bedtime
  5. Waking up time unless it’s Saturday
  6. Being told to stop playing Minecraft
  7. Being told to brush his teeth
  8. Being told to wipe his own bum

Is it flakey of me to wish that if the little boy in that viral video were asked to make a list of all that he hates in this world, not one of his answers would be ‘fucking black cunts’?

It is not flakey to raise your kids to be compassionate and kind and tolerant.

It is not flakey to raise your kids to respect and adhere to the laws of your country which prohibit stirring up racial hatred and inciting divisiveness.

It is not flakey to be upset and angered by public displays of racism.

And if political parties and US presidents and your own country’s media tell you that your upset is no more than a result of your delicate over-sensitive nature, then I will gladly be labelled a snowflake.

A few million of us together can create a powerful blizzard…