The Annagram is deeply unwell…

Full service will resume hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, can I just say the following, gleaned from a weekend of hellish vomity delirium in front of the telly:

  1. Andy Murray – ACE but please cut your hair now
  2. Serena Williams – ACE esp reading ‘Still I Rise’
  3. Black Lives Matter
  4. Yes. I watched some Wimbledon. I was already sick. It was all good
  5. Angela Eagle – fuckety off now please
  6. Jeremy Corbyn – you is standing out now for being so standy uppy!
  7. Andrea Leadsom – there is a boat leaving the UK within the hour. It’s called Brexit Mctwatface. It’s destination is Syria. You are booked on it with BJ, Gove and Farage. And all your darling children. Desp hope it doesn’t sink babe!
  8. Have had no booze, fags or coffee since Fri so current symptoms could be just cold turkey
  9. Plan is to have all three this eve in order to clarify the situation
  10. Happy Eid